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who am I

Born in South Africa, growing up in Mozambique, then living in the Netherlands and Spain, I have many cultural influences on my work.

I have always been fascinated by colours, art and human behaviour. A fashion designer by profession, I learnt to draw on my own from looking at objects and making life drawings.

Illustration is one of my passions and I love how I am able to enhance culture and diversity through my work.



mmvce is a personal project to showcase my work, make custom pieces and to share my work with others.

The focus of this project is digital illustration done through collage and line drawings, to create expressive and colourful pieces. These pieces often reflect on my cultural background and ethnicity.

my style

My style is very personal and reflects my experiences and background. There is a clear influence of African art with the use of bright colours and simplified shapes with minimal details. The use of black and white as a base of the artwork contrasted by bright colours are the main characteristics of African Art that surrounded me growing up in Mozambique.

Other artists that influence my work are Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele and Henri Matisse.