Day 3 - Single Line Drawing - 6 Day Art Challenge MMVCE

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Day 3. 

Make a single line drawing.


This is a typical art class exercise and a very popular way of drawing nowadays. The challenge is drawing an object without lifting your pencil and capturing its' shape with just one line. It is a minimal way of drawing an object and portraying its' essence. Anyone who went to art school or took drawing classes will be familiar with this exercise.

As you probably know, Pablo Picasso was the most famous artist to ever make these kind of drawings. His single line drawings continue to inspire artists including myself and many artists have adopted this technique as their own style. I myself, dabble in a little single line drawing once in a while.

To make it extra challenging, try to draw without looking at the paper - look only at the object you are drawing. I promise you, this is even more fun. Draw the same object twice using the same technique but with different coloured pen or pencil, on top of the previous drawing, to give it dimension.

The easiest objects to draw using this technique are plants and flowers. Faces and animals are harder, they require a bit more practice. You're welcome to draw whatever you feel like drawing. 

Note: this is not a drawing class, this is just a simple and quick drawing exercise to practice this technique. Perhaps I will do a more in depth class in the future for those who are interested :)


Activity time: anywhere between 5 mins to however long you'd like to take. I tried to make mine in less than a minute each.


Materials you will need:

-a pen or pencil. You can use two different colours if you want, using the technique above.


-an ipad/ tablet
- Adobe Sketch software (free on the 
App Store), very simple and easy to use for quick sketches


Step 1.
Find the object you want to draw. Can be from an image or a real object. I drew my dog, a vase with flowers, a tree I could see out my window, palm trees from a photo and this nude from my nude woman sculpture. Maybe you can draw your still life from yesterday


Step 2.
Draw without looking at the paper and without lifting up your hand.

(LOL, I tried to draw my dog)

Step 3. (Optional)
Repeat the same process using a different coloured pen or pencil, drawing on top of the old drawing.

Step 4. 
Share your drawing with us!


Don't try to make it perfect, imperfection is beautiful! And no judgements


Feel free to share what you create with your friends and family. Try to do this exercise with your friends and compare what you make to see how different your final creations are. If you do please also share them with me on instagram and tag me @mmvce #6dayartchallengemmvce 


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