Day 2 - Still Life Photo - 6 Day Art Challenge MMVCE

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Day 2.

Take a Still Life Photo.


Yes, yet another simple activity to spark up your love for the ordinary. Still life is a unique style of photography where you photograph ordinary inanimate objects in interesting lighting and compositions. Sometimes the lighting isn't interesting and so you have to work harder on your composition and sometimes the opposite happens. Still life is a very common theme in paintings, Van Gogh himself loved to paint ordinary objects.

Still life gives you the freedom to arrange objects in a way that you feel is aesthetically pleasing. It can be quite personal as well. 

Hopefully, you will get to use some of those extra toilet paper rolls that you have been hoarding, maybe you will use your remote control. Try to use objects that are very boring and arrange them with objects you find fascinating, to make things even more interesting. 

Common objects used in still life photography: fruit, flowers, vegetables, vases, shells, candles, ceramics, food (cooked), makeup, books, etc.. Please limit yourself from using these common objects, maybe try to use 50% common and 50% get creative with your objects. Pro tip: look around your home, you could use anything! Ultimately, have fun with it is my advice


Ok, I tried but it didn't work out for me... 

I'll just go back to photographing cute things....



Activity time: anywhere between 5 mins to however long you'd like to take, it took me 30 mins to make a few compositions and photograph them. 


Materials you will need:

-a camera (any camera: phone, digital, compact, mirrorless, action camera,...)
-inanimate objects you find around your house (no, your dog is not an inanimate object)


Step 1.
Find your objects around your house. 2 to 5 objects would be ideal and they don't have to be all different.


Step 2.
Find a space in your home that has the best lighting, maybe try going outside to your balcony or backyard if you have one. If not maybe try photographing by a window. I find it interesting playing with sunlight and shadows, always makes the photos even more beautiful.

As you can see, lighting does make a difference :)


Step 3.
Arrange your objects  in a composition that you like.


Step 4.
Take the photo(s).


Step 5. 
Share the photos with us.


Have fun and create as many compositions as you'd like. You will use one of the photos you took later in the challenge  as a reference for other work. I'm excited to see what you create!


Feel free to share what you create with your friends and family. Try to do this exercise with your friends and compare what you make to see how different your final creations are. If you do please also share them with me on instagram and tag me @mmvce #6dayartchallengemmvce 


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