Day 6 - Abstract Painting - 6 Day Art Challenge MMVCE

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Day 6.

Make an Abstract Painting.


Abstract art is my favourite style to create when I feel stuck or not inspired to make my usual portraits. I find them freeing and, to be honest, harder to create than my own style of artwork since I am not an abstract artist. I also find new symbolism for my portraits when I create abstract art.

My favourite artist of all time is Joan Mitchell, she was an abstract artist. Her work inspires me because of her use of lines and colour. It is truly beautiful.

Abstract art is art that doesn't depict visual reality or depicts an object in a way that doesn't portray its' visual reality. These pieces can carry emotional or philosophical meaning as they represent a raw form of expression of the artist. Common elements found in abstract art are: geometric shapes, lines, forms, paint spatter and other gestural marks. 


Activity time: Just like in the previous activities this is up to you. I'd say anywhere between 5 mins to 1h. It took me 15mins to make each one of these pieces.


Materials you'll need:
-a canvas or watercolour paper. I used hot-pressed watercolour 100% cotton paper, 300gsm
-acrylic paint (or other kind of paint you prefer/would like to experiment with), primary colours mainly red, blue and yellow and also black and white. You can also get other colours if you want to
-paint brushes of your choice
-oil pastels (I used them because I love the contrast between smooth and rough lines)


Step 1. 
Open your sketchbook and look at the moodboard you made on the first day.

Step 2.
Create a colour palette based on your moodboard. I find this useful when I don't want to spend too much time mixing colours.


Step 3.
Paint. Don't be too methodical, just express yourself and have fun with your paints.


And Voilá my friends. 


If you have the time and are still in the mood, I encourage you to make more abstract artworks! And I hope you have fun :)


Please message me and show me what you've made - I'd love to see your take on these activities! Tell your friends to participate, maybe do a video call with them whilst you are creating to have a little extra fun!  


@mmvce #6dayartchallengemmvce 


With love,


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