Day 4 - Collage - 6 Day Art Challenge MMVCE

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Day 4. 

Make a collage.


Collage is a technique in which you cut images, photographs, fabric or paintings and glue them onto a surface creating a visual composition. Other materials like leaves, flowers, thread, drawings, notes, (and etc...) can also be used to create collages. If you have done this exercise before you know how fun it is to create them. This is a challenge for everyone, no need to be an artist to do it.

Today's activity shares a similar process with the activity from day 1 (moodboard), as you might use the same technique to create your collage. A collage can be a moodboard but in this instance I would like you to cut and paste onto a paper something more complex visually but with less images and in a more methodical way. 

This is my approach: a moodboard is the whole book and a collage is a chapter or a synopsis of the book. A collage tells a more abstract, compressed and sometimes minimal visual story than a moodboard. I find collages more challenging because they require more thought or intuition. 

You can tie your collage to your moodboard by choosing the same overall theme or by using the same colours/patterns. Or you can do something completely different and abstract by cutting random shapes out of images and pasting them together in a way that looks and feels (emotionally) good.

I would advise you not to look online at other collages as you might get easily influenced by other compositions and try to replicate them without thinking about it. Do one by yourself first and if you really want to do some research on it, some artists create spectacular works using this technique!



Activity time: each collage should take you between 5min to 30 min. But follow your own timing


Materials you will need:

-an old magazine or photos (flowers, leaves, drawings can also be used)


Step 1.
Find images and items you like. Can be anything

Step 2.
Cut up your images. You can cut them into geometrical or abstract shapes if they are just images of colours or patterns. If they are faces you can cut out their features and rearrange them. Find things in these images that inspire you

Step 3.
Paste these objects together in a composition that you like



And voilá.


Have fun and make as many collages as you want. I am hoping that by the end of this challenge you have a whole sketchbook filled with beautiful things! Try to do this exercise with your friends and compare what you make to see how different your final creations are. If you do please also share them with me on instagram and tag me @mmvce #6dayartchallengemmvce 


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