Day 1 - Moodboard - 6 Day Art Challenge MMVCE

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Day 1.

Make a Moodboard.

We will start the challenge with one of my favourite things to make – moodboards. I find this especially helpful as a visual research technique, to find inspiration and direction when creating. This exercise is not only for creative people, it is for everyone.

Making moodboards is fairly simple: cut out images you like from magazines and arrange them in a way that you find aesthetically pleasing. You can select images that have a common theme like colour, prints, textures, shapes, objects or go even more abstract with it by selecting images intuitively. If you select images from Pinterest or from the internet please just use them as a reference.

The trick to making moodboards is: don't get stuck trying to make them perfect, just start and get it done. Whatever your result is, the aim of it is just to have a place where you gather things that inspire you and that you can look back when you are creating something else. Feel free to use fabrics, paint, painted paper, etc.. You can make it as simple or as complex you like, it can be a simple moodboard or a full on collage. 

When I was at university studying fashion design, we had different projects every month, they all required sketchbooks and we always started with moodboards to have a form of visual research communication from where we would get our concept. In design, the visual research process is important to be as creative as possible. As humans look at other objects for inspiration. Inspiration does not mean copying, please be careful with this. Cultivate your own ideas and believe in them, it is fine to get inspired by what other people make, but use it only as that. Then think about why you got inspired and try to find that feeling in your own work.

Maybe this exercise will inspire you for your own work. Maybe you will learn something and maybe you won't. If you are a creative you may find this basic but I tell you, I spent 6 years making moodboards almost every day and now since pursuing art full time I don't remember the last time I had made one. Having a planned activity that required me to make one has reminded me of how much I love the process and how fun it is. 

Please feel free to spend as much or as little time you want in this activity. Give yourself the creative freedom.

This activity might be useful for the next 5 activities, so please go ahead and do it. For real


Materials you will need for today's activity:
- scissors
- glue
- old magazines / photos / printed images from different sources. I like using fashion magazines because I love that they have a variety of themes on their editorials. There are a lot of images of colours and textures of fabric, which are always nice for inspiration. For this I used both printed images and magazine images.
- paper / sketchbook. I used a sketchbook, I love them because I can have all of my work in one place where I can flip through and see the creative process.


Step 1.

Find your images. I chose this old magazine and cut out some images from there. I also printed some images I found on the internet, they were mainly of artworks created by Picasso, Matisse, and then other images of painted ceramics. The common thread on my moodboard are the colours and the energy in brush strokes/lines. I find inspiration in colours and in brush strokes. By creating this moodboard perhaps I will find the colour palette for my next artwork. This is probably the step that will take the longest but try to find things that you like.


Step 2.

Cut the images. You can either cut these images as photos (square, portrait, landscape), or cut out the objects, or even cut our random shapes out of a pattern or colour you like. Just do it


Step 3.

Arrange. Figure out how these images go together, get rid of some If you want or add others. What is aesthetically pleasing to you? Use your intuition, get weird with it


Step 4.

Glue them onto your piece of paper or sketchbook.

And...Voila. You're done.


I spent about 2h doing this exercise yesterday. I made 6 moodboards and I didn't want to stop. As you can see my moodboard is very simple, I am hoping that your moodboards are more interesting than mine!!


Other moodboards I created a few years ago (2014/2015), all by making collages on paper, scanning them and then creating digital collages. Always inspired by art, fashion and architecture.



Feel free to share what you create with your friends and family. Try to make this exercise with your friends and compare what you make to see how different your final creations are. If you do please also share them with me on instagram and tag me @mmvce #6dayartchallengemmvce 


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