6 Day Art Challenge MMVCE

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A challenge to keep you, your friends and family creative and entertained during lockdown and to explore different artistic mediums. Every day you will have a different activity, with instructions on how to use the various mediums in your favour to create beautiful artwork. We will also be looking at how to create a visual research with different images and concepts for inspiration and will be discussing how to stay creative when participating in these art activities. Each daily activity should take you between 5 mins to 2 hours, depending on how much time you want to spend doing them – you have the freedom to do it your way.

This is a simple challenge and all of the materials needed can be found online on your local art supply store or even at home. The materials:

-1 glue
-a printer (+ink & paper)
-an old magazine

-drawing paper
-acrylic paint of various colours including primary colours (or whatever paint you have at home/ preferred medium) -> primary colours= red, yellow, blue. Also include black and white.
-1 A3 canvas (or whatever size you want)
-1 pencil
-1 black pen, any kind of nib


The aim of this challenge is to explore different mediums, to stay creative and inspired and fight boredom in lockdown. By having a structure hopefully, you will be more motivated to create artwork and there is enough variety in this challenge to keep you entertained and (hopefully) learn new skills. You don’t have to follow all of the instructions; this is just a suggestion to follow but please be as creative as you can with this program.


The daily challenges will be posted each day to have an element of surprise

Day 1 will start on Wednesday, 25thof March.


Please feel free to share the art you’ve created through this challenge on Instagram (story or post) and tag me and your friends so that me and other participants can see and get inspired! Let’s get creative together!



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